Christine Harazim

In 2016, Christine purchased her first Canon and began her journey into the world of photography. At first she almost exclusively captured live music, leading her to begin an Instagram account where she could post photos and endorse local musicians here in Music City. What began as a social media account (@NashvilleOffbeat) became a brand focused on networking and hosting live events. It spurred in Christine a love of entrepreneurship, hard work, and above all- photography.

Upon the tough decision to stop running the music community at the end of 2018, Christine fully invested in learning as much as she could about the art of photography. Originally taking on family, lifestyle and product photography, she set out to find her niche. While she enjoyed each of those categories, in early 2019 an interest in studio portrait photography took flight; leading Christine to build a portfolio filled with the beautiful faces of Nashville’s creatives, entrepreneurs and musicians that you see here.

Christine enjoys working from her home studio right outside of downtown where she lives with her Fiance and cats, and is also available for on-site office headshot sessions. Contact her today to get your project started!